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About Veronica at Great Vintage Jewelry 

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My name is Veronica and I'm originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I lived in the FL Keys 20 yrs and now I've lived in the Appalachian Mountains 20 yrs. I'm a retired marine scientist and professional scuba diver of 20 yrs and I'm retired USMM & Navy Reserve. I've been and antique and designer vintage jewelry collector and researcher for 40 yrs. I got the jewelry collecting bug from my mother and grandmother and from the many ports of call I visited around the world working on super tankers. I've also studied and collected in many other areas of antiques and vintage wares. I sell strictly from my websites that has been online since 2005. I have thousands of happy collectors and customers worldwide! Many of my jewelry items from this website have been featured in several jewelry books over the past 15 years with mention to this website for record.

To be honest, I've come to that age when I'm selling everything I've ever collected and owned including my house. I am single with no family now. I'm going to take off and let the winds of my spirit carry my soul to whatever else I want to love. My wings have always pursued the things I've wanted to do the in life the most. I'm working on publishing several novels of stories about my life. I give away free samples of my published Ebooks HERE and offer my novels for sale. 

We live in such a different world today. It's actually very hard to find a website where you can talk to a real person. 
I know: It's sad and frustrating. Im old school and still take phone calls!

I welcome you to email, text my cell, or call me personally during business hours any day of the week, 
9 am - 8 pm EST Daily

Cell: 828-773-4053