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My name is Veronica Roser and I'm originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
I lived in the FL Keys 20 yrs and now I've lived in the Appalachian Mountains 20 yrs. I am a retired marine scientist
and professional scuba diver of 20 yrs and I'm retired USMM & Navy Reserve. 

 I've been and antique and designer vintage jewelry collector and researcher for 40 yrs.
I got the jewelry collecting bug from my mother and grandmother and from the many ports of call I visited around the
world working on super tankers.  I've also studied and collected in many other areas of antiques and vintage wares.

 I sell strictly from my website that has been online since 2005.
I have thousands of happy collectors and customers worldwide! 

 Basically speaking, at this point in time, Im selling everything I own.
Im selling all my collections of antique and designer vintage jewelry and antique and vintage home decor.

 Idk. Maybe buy a new bike and hit the road and go live a different life now! 

We live in such a different world today.
It's actually very hard to find a website where you can talk to a real person. 
I know: It's sad and frustrating. Im old school and still take phone calls!   

I welcome you to email, text my cell, or call me personally during business hours any day of the week,
9 am - 8 pm EST Daily
 Cell: 828-773-4053
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