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Antique Gold Brooch Big Arabic Islamic 1890 -1930 (12121)

Antique Gold Pin Big Arabic Islamic Brooch Pre 1890s Ethnic Jewelry

Antique Gold Brooch Big Arabic Islamic 1890 -1930

Im certain that this brooch is one of a kind and is very rare to find.

This fascinating antique brooch of unique ethnic character is exceptional hand made quality. It is easy for me to describe and date this brooch, but I cannot tell you what the Arabic or Islamic letters say.

This brooch was most likely made in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran and it is VERY OLD - 1890-1930.The back has an old tube hinge and hand made C clasp which indicates that this piece is very old. This particular style of tube hinge dates this piece to sometime between 1890-1930.

Very large in size, the brooch is 2 3/4" or 70 mm wide and is slightly domed.

The medallion is composed of individual filigree petals arranged in a star burst or flower design and accented with dozens of small ball beads. The brooch is made of heavy silver metal with an antique gold painted finish. The Islamic medallion or letters at the cetner appear to be brass, or mixed metals. Im certain that the brooch is not sterling silver, but it may be a silver grade between 750 and 830.

The entire brooch is in exceptional condition for age. There is no damage or imperfections like serious dings or bent metal. There is moderate loss to the gold finish and light signs of age. The bar on the tube hinge is thick and strong and has a slight bend in the center.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box. 

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