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Antique Gold Locket 12kt GF Crystal Firework Flowers 1920s Jewelry (16023)


Antique Gold Locket 12kt GF Crystal Firework Flowers 1920s Jewelry

This beautiful antique gold locket is a very special locket. It was made during the Edwardian era (1890-1920) and the face has an engraved firework design of flowers and ribbons with old crystal insets. The inspiration behind this design is rather simple as in the spring, everything "bursts" into bloom.

This antique round design is a classic antique beauty and what is very special about this piece is that it is designer signed. Inside, there is an insect logo of a bee, and the letters Atrice below the bee. You are supposed to put the two together to form the name Beatrice. The logo is also dated 1874, which is when R.B. MacDonald & Co. first began making fine gold and silver jewelry in Attleboro, MA. (Beatrice was not the name of the company but rather a hallmark name for their designs.)

The locket was once signed 1/20 12kt GF on the jump ring bail but it is heavily worn and very difficult to see; only parts of the letters and numbers remain, and only visible under high power magnification. The face of the locket has 6 inset old hand cut crystals that are diamond grey in color. They are grey to imitate the look of old diamonds, which were also somewhat grey. They are very roughly hand cut and the one at the center might have a slight chip, or it could have been faceted this way.

The gold is a beautiful rose gold color both front and back. The inside has places for 2 photos with the original photo lock rings still in place.

Medium large in size, the locket is about 1 1/4" or 30 mm wide. The 20" or 51 cm antique style gold metal chain is a new chain and never worn. It is not gold filled or gold plated; it is new gold metal. This is a temporary chain so the locket can be worn right away. I do not recommend making it a permanent chain as this locket deserves a nice solid gold chain. (There is no price discount for ordering the locket without the chain.)

The locket is in pristine clean polished condition with no major imperfections or flaws. There are no important scratches, scuffs, or dings. The front and back does have light to moderate microscopic scratch/swirls from gentle handling over the past 100+ years. There is no worn gold or gold wear on the faces but some gold wear around the edges. Overall, the condition is exceptional for a locket this old.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation necklace box.

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