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Antique Jewelry Box Art Deco Porcelain Powder Casket Vanity Box (15304)


Antique Porcelain Powder Box Art Deco Limoge Vanity Accessory

This old English porcelain powder box is a very unique piece. I bought this box in the 1980s in an antique store in Kingsport TN because I had never seen anything like it ever before, and nothing like it ever since. At first look, I believed this box to be French Limoge but the lady in the antique store said she believed it was English. I cant put an exact date on when this box was made, but based on all the attributes described below, it was most likely made in the Art Deco period, or the 1920-1930 era.

To this day I disagree with the lady in the antique shop and believe this piece is French Limoge because of the quality of the relatively thin, fine porcelain. I believe it is an unsigned Martial Redon design, as this French firm made unique scalloped powder boxes unlike any other Limoge firm.

The box is made of fine white porcelain that is somewhat thin and delicate. The box is octagonal with unique angled sides with fine ribs in the porcelain and ribs on the lid as well. There are three types of decor on the box. The deep rose pink and turquoise scrolls are hand painted and these enamel paints are semi-translucent.

There are 5 floral appliques on the lid and the box. All of the appliques, except the one on top the lid, are trimmed with hand painted decor in light silver blue raised dots. There are more light silver blue raised dots of floral decor, on the lid and box, not around the appliques.

Medium large in size, the box is 4 1/2" wide x 3" tall or 11.5 cm x 7.5 cm. The box is not signed or marked in any way. The exterior is in pristine like new condition with no signs of wear. (The thin gold line painted around the bottom perimeter of the box that shows some light wear from handling). The porcelain and the paints are glossy with no missing paint, no imperfections to the appliques, and no scratches or scuffs. The inside of the lid is perfect.

* The top of the box, on the inside rim, there are two old tiny flea bites which I have sealed with clear resin sealer to prevent them from chipping any more. If you look at the box with a magnyfying box, around the top of the rim, there are also a couple of tiny hairline cracks that have also been sealed. The entire box is very clean and has not been used by me in 25 years.

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