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Antique Ladies Chatelaine Purse Necklace Bracelet Early 1900s (19104)


Antique Ladies Chatelaine Purse Necklace Bracelet Early 1900s

This very unique ladies chatelaine was made in the early 1900s, most likely around 1915 - 1930. This purse design was also made in sterling silver which I have seen for sale online for close to $600!

This purse is open filigree work in brass with antique gold plating and turquoise glass cabs on both sides. The original chain and the clasp are solid brass. The purse opens and shuts perfectly and has ample room to story several small trinkets.

Orignally chatelianes were worn by ladies of the house as belt clips to attach anything they should need such as keys, sewing kits, notes, buttons, or special little treasures.

Notice that there is also a fold over box clasp on the chain and this chatelaine can also be worn as a bracelet.

With the belt clasp, the entire chatelaine can also be attached to a chain or cord and worn as a necklace. It can also be attached to a purse or a belt.

The purse is 1 1/2" or 38 mm tall. The clip, chain, and purse are 5 3/4" or 146 mm long overall.

The purse and all parts are all original and in excellent clean unworn condition with no imperfections or flaws. The finishes on all parts retain the old aged patina. Both the fold over box clasp and the clasp on the purse are in perfect working order. The turquoise glass cabs do not have any chips or cracks. The purse and the clip are not signed.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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