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Antique Love Birds Pin 1930s Jewelry (11639)


Antique Love Birds Pin 1930s Jewelry

You can love this charming bird brooch because it is love birds, or you can love it because it is a very old bird pin from the 1930s. The reason I love these love birds is because, they have been loved, and it shows !

Not all old bird pins are in perfect condition, and it is the old birds that show signs of wear I admire the most. I would never restore this piece by touching up the hand paint the enamels, because these enamels were precision air brushed, or spray painted in peachy pink, pearl, and silver blue, all bleeding together.

This large bird pin is light weight metal. It is not pot metal, but rather old machine stamped metal from a mold. There are many specks where the enamel is chipped and worn; mainly on the birds wings and on the large birds head and chest. The branches are also a little worn in the middle areas from handling.

This is a nice medium large pin that measures 2 1/2" tall x 2" wide. The back has the original bar and hinge, and the bar has some rust. The pin does not have a safety clasp or closure and it never did - it is just how this pin was made. The back is finished in mat white enamel that has wear as well.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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