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Antique Vintage RARE Lipstick Holder Case Pearl Rhinestone Tower (15626)


Antique Vintage RARE Lipstick Holder Case Pearl Rhinestone Tower

Over the past 40 years, I have collected many very unique vintage lipstick holders, but this one is by far the most unique and rare to find designs I have ever owned!

This case a freestanding tower. It is made of antiqued gold metal and all four sides have a complex alternating design of pearls and clear rhinestone chatons. It dates from the late 1940s or early 1950s and the construction is very unique.

All of the pearls and rhinestones are prong set so none can ever come out. The prongs are attached to cotton mesh with tiny squares in a checkerboard pattern. The mesh is glued to the lipstick tower. I cant image who made this lipstick case because I have never seen construction like this.

The lipstick tower is very weighty and solid and the base is a square block of solid brass. There is old red lipstick inside and the tube dispensing motion seems to be stuck. Usually I clean out the old lipstick so the tube can be used for other things but in this case, the old lipstick should stay to retain the authenticity of the piece. This piece should not be used and should be displayed in a collectors showcase.

Large in size for a lipstick case, the tower is 2" tall x 1" wide or 51 mm x 25 mm. The case is in superb clean condition on the exterior with no imperfections or flaws. All of the pearls and rhinestones are original and present. There pearls are perfect with no scratches or wear and all of the rhinestones are sparkling. The metal does not have any scratches, scuffs, or dings. The case is not signed that I can find.

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