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Art Deco Crystal Cuff Bracelet 1950s Jewelry (13205)

Rhinestone Bracelet,Art Deco bracelet, Vintage bracelet

Art Deco Crystal Cuff Bracelet 1950s Jewelry

This stunning 1950s design was made for special occasions, and it is a real show stopper! This clamper style bracelet is not signed but this particular type of construction could have only been done by a few top designers such as Judy Lee, Hobé, Schriener, or Claudette.

The bracelet is made of silver rhodium metal and the design is three large circle medallions. The whole design is made of sparkling clear Austrian lead crystal rhinestones, wit the exception of the eye-catching central chatons that is royal or sapphire blue. All of the rhinestones are bezel and prong set and if you look at he back of the bracelet you can see the quality soldered construction.

My wrist is exactly 7" and the bracelet is a tiny bit too small for me. This cuff would best fit wrists that are 6 1/2" around or less. Please be sure to measure you wrist before ordering.

The entire bracelet is in spectacular condition- perfectly clean and pristine all around with no signs of wear or age anywhere. All of the rhinestones are original, present, and super sparkling clear.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

 I did notice one slight imperfection : one of the larger clear rhinestones has 3 prongs, not 4. For the sake of safety, I removed this stone, and reset it with invisible high bonding glue so there is no chance that the stone could come out, even though it does have 3 prongs. This slight differentiation is not noticeable to the naked eye,  but you might be able to pick out the stone in my close up photos.

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