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Art Deco Pin 1920s Jewelry Silver Crystal Brooch (10569)

Art Deco Pin Silver Pot Metal Crystal Brooch 1920s Jewelry

Art Deco Pin Silver Pot Metal Crystal Brooch 1920s Jewelry  

This is a very old antique bar pin that dates from the early part of the Art Deco period, or about 1920. The pin is very unique as the high quality Austrian crystals are old world European table cuts. If you dont know what I mean by European table cuts, just look at the stones. The facets are brilliant diamond like cuts, made to imitate diamonds, and the facets were all hand cut.

There are eight stones total, each about 3/16" wide (slightly less than 1/4") and all of the stones are prong set in old silver painted pot metal that was molded and imprinted with geometric designs. Each of these eight settings were made individually and were hand soldered together to make this double row bar pin.

The pin has the original brass C clasp and is not signed. It measures 1 5/8" long x 3/4" tall. All of the old crystals are original and in fabulous sparkling condition with no facet wear, scratches or chips. The pot metal was most likely painted all silver at one time. The appearance now is a mix of the old silver paint and the dark grey pot metal. Not sure exactly which country it was made in, but it is most certainly European.  

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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