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Great Vintage Jewelry

ART MODERN Ladies Ring BIG Lady Face 1960s Vintage Jewelry (16668)


ART MODERN Ladies Ring BIG Lady Face 1960s Vintage Jewelry

Wow! Stashed in the back of my jewelry closet I found a box of jewelry didn’t know I had! When I saw these rings, I flipped out because I remember buying them back in the late 1960s and forgot where I put them!

This Mod Squad hippie fashion ring was not easy to find in the 1960s and next to impossible to find today.

The rings are made of weighty etched and polished brass with huge domes. The domes are brass as well and the lady image is a printed appliqué on metal, which was rather high tech for the time.

The domes are HUGE at 1 5/8" or 40 mm wide. The ring bands are adjustable to fit any size finger.

The rings have never been worn and are in excellent clean condition with no wear. The faces have some microscopic black specks which is just how they were made. I see a few microscopic hints of paint wear from the rings just being stored away.

The lady face is set on an angle intentionally; the face is not straight up and down on your finger, but angled to one side. The rings are not signed, but definitely American Hippie made!

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation ring box.

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