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Great Vintage Jewelry

Atomic Vintage Earrings Retro Rainbow Rhinestone Gold Orbs (12930)

Atomic Earrings Gold Orbs Retro Rainbow Rhinestones Vintage Jewelry

Atomic Vintage Earrings Retro Rainbow Rhinestone Gold Orbs

I have dared my husband, who is a new home builder, to wear these earrings to the job site for just 5 minutes.....but he is a big chicken ! All the construction workers would die laughing !

These space age atomic earrings are from the 1980s disco era and they look like they came straight from outer space. The big polished gold metal orbs have nubby gold stem settings topped with glowing glass orbs. The glass orbs are 1/4" wide in colors of ruby red, emerald, sapphire, and clear.

The earrings are clips and the orbs are hollow so they are not heavy to wear. They are rather large at 1 1/2" wide. They stand out front to back 1" deep. Both earrings are in pristine like new condition because no one has ever had the nerve to wear them ! 

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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