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Bavarian Jewelry Intaglio Glass Flower Pin 1950s Jewelry (14411)

Bavarian Pin Intaglio Glass Flower Brooch 1940s Vintage Jewelry

Bavarian Jewelry Intaglio Glass Flower Pin 1950s Jewelry

If the photo of this pin has you intrigued, and you love old glass jewelry like Camphor or Lalique glass, read on: because Im probably the only person on the internet who can tell you about the origins of this pin. It is very precious and rare.

This pin was made in Bavaria after World War II in a region called Neu-Gablonz, or close to Ausburg. In 1991, a German woman published a book on Bohemian glass, filled with the history of glass making in this region.

In her book she depicts painted intaglio glass domes that were made in Bavaria in the 1940s and 1950s. She attributes the intaglio glass method to German Johann Friedrich Reiffenstein (1719-1793) who in 1766, achieved cameo incrustations or sulfides.

I have seen various motifs of these pins. Sometimes peacocks or butterflies, but most are roses and other flowers, and some rare to find Oriental water lilies, such as this pin.

Most of the reverse painted intaglio pins I have seen are in poor condition, having been mistreated and not cared for properly, resulting in cracked and chipped glass cabs and moisture damaged faded paints. These glass cabs do not like to be left in bright light for long lengths of time and they do not like high humidity, which will also cause the paints to fade and black spots behind the glass will form.

This elegant octagonal glass pin is a Water Lily design and the paints are in pristine condition. The paints have a metallic oxide luster creating a silver shimmering effect. The Lily is silver white, the leaf is Oriental yellow-green, and the background is iridescent pale yellow.

The domed and molded glass has machined bevels all around the perimeter, creating a perfect picture frame look. The bezel is an old dog tooth style and the silver metal frame is a beaded die stamp.

The back of the pin is silver metal with the original C Clasp. Some collectors might be fooled dating this piece by the C clasp, commonly used before the mid 1930s, but this brooch was assuredly made in the mid to late 1940s.

The pin is medium in size and the thick glass dome makes the flowers jump out in a 3D fashion. The pin is 1 3/8" long x 1 1/16" tall or 3.2 cm x 2.7 cm.

This pin is in superb condition for a piece such as this. It has been extremely well cared for and all of the paints are bright and not faded and do not have any damage from sunlight or moisture. The pin is very clean and there is no dirt or verdigris anywhere and the silver metal is not worn or damaged. The glass cabs do not have any scratches, chips, or other imperfections.

Now, if you ever come across a reverse painted intaglio glass pin similar to this, you will know where it came from, when it was made, and how to evaluate the condition. If the pin is in poor or damaged condition, it is not worth anything and will not appreciate in value.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

You can add a silver brooch slider to convert this pin to a pendant by checking the box below. Sliders come with a pair of silicon stoppers to hold slider in place.

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