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Great Vintage Jewelry

BIG Funky Purple Mica Vintage Earrings 1980s Jewelry (16940)


BIG Funky Purple Mica Vintage Earrings 1980s Jewelry

You cant get any wilder than these eccentric purple vintage clip earrings!

I cant tell you exactly what they are made of but the metallic purple flakes look like metallic crystalline mineral like Bismuth. The dangles are, I think, some type of molded purple chunky glitter because if you look at the back of the earrings you can see the smooth clear resin that molds the design together. I have no clue how something like this was made but the mass is hard and not brittle. The material is radiant and appears to have its' own light source!

These earrings were artist made and were not mass produced. The polished gold metal rounds at the top are wafers or waved rounds with purple glitter and clear and purple flat back rhinestone accents. At the top of the dangle portion is what looks like gold leather that has a lava appearance; also adorned with purple and clear rhinestones.

Not heavy to wear, the earrings are 4" or 10 cm long.

The pair is in excellent clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. The clips on the backs are in perfect working order. The earrings are not signed.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

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