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Great Vintage Jewelry

Blue Scarab Crystal Necklace Greek Revival Vintage Jewelry (14788)


Blue Scarab Crystal Necklace Greek Revival Vintage Jewelry

Made in the 1950s, this very unique antique styled Greek Revival necklace in blues and gold is two strands. The cornflower blue scarab style beads have Greek heads in profile, and in relief, on both sides of the beads. These beads are molded celluloid or acrylic with gold accents in the recessed areas.

Between the Greek head beads are very unique round acrylic gold beads that have a ribbon or fabric look. The box cut crystals are Aquamarine with a pastel AB finish. Note the large round insert clasp; it has a matching laurel wreath bead; the same style as the Greek head beads.

The necklace is not signed however if you look at the back of the clasp there is a fancy gold bezel with a floral imprint. This may be a clue to determining who made this necklace one day. All of the beads on both strands are separated with tiny gold ball beads that match the larger gold beads.

When clasped, the shortest strand is 22" or 56 cm long. The Greek head scarab beads are 20 mm x 15 mm. There are 16 Greek head beads on the whole necklace.

The entire necklace is in pristine microscopically clean condition with no imperfections of signs of wear. All of the beads are perfect with no chips, scratches, or wear. The brass insert clasp is in perfect working order.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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