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Bradley and Hubbard 1880s Cast Iron Scott Irish Man Calling Card Tray (15713)


Bradley and Hubbard 1880s Cast Iron Scott Irish Man Calling Card Tray

This very old signed B&H cast iron calling card tray is one of the most unusual and uncommon pieces of metal ware that Bradley and Hubbard ever made. Their old cast figural items, in designs of men or women, were designs that were not most abundantly produced.

Bradley and Hubbard (1852-1940) were famous metal smith masters and some of their works are displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. This calling card tray was made in the late 1800's to the best of my knowledge. Some people call B&H flat tray designs like this pin trays but they were not made as pin trays : they were made as calling card trays. B&H made a large line of desk accessories and although they did make sewing machines, they did not make pin trays.

For those of you too young to know what a calling card tray was : If you were selling something and you went to see a merchant and the merchant was out to lunch, you simply left your business card on his calling card tray...and he would get back to you on the telephone.

This Celtic man design is very unusual and it was made for male merchants. It was used in smoke shops, barber shops, or mens tailor shops. This man has a seafaring nautical look but the main intent was to bring forth the Celtic culture. (Bradley and Hubbard are both surnames of English origin.) This tray is a symbol of those old Celtic times.

The tray is medium large in size and measures 6" tall x 5" wide or 152 mm x 127 mm. The tray is in fine condition for age with no cracks, dings, chips, or imperfections to the cast iron. There is paint wear and some light surface rust on the front. The tray is clean with no grease, grime, or foreign matter on the metal. The back of the tray is signed B&H, 3596.

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