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Carved Pink Coral Rose Bud Necklace 24in 1950s Jewelry (16148)

Coral Jewelry,Carved pink coral necklace

Carved Pink Coral Rose Bud Necklace 24in 1950s Jewelry

This is not a common carved coral necklace to find.

Made in the late 1950s or early 1960s, most carved rose bud pink coral necklaces featured single carved rose buds. This necklace has large, oversized coral beads, with double rose buds carved at each end.

The pink coral is exceptional quality and as a retired marine biologist, I have seen more than my share of coral. Im a huge coral collector and malacologist. Pink coral like this isn't harvested anymore. Pink coral is circumtropical and it used to be harvested by divers at depths between 90 to 120 feet. Today, all around the world, there is no more pink coral at these depths and what is there is in a juvenile state with very thin stalks and branches. When I say thin, I mean just couple of millimeters.

This is one way to know you've got good, old, pink coral : by the thickness of the branches or the stalks. Another indication of great quality coral is by the luster, the lack of porosity or calcification, and by the uniformity of the variegated pink/white colors, and the saturation of the hues.

Also, novices who buy new coral jewelry are often completely fooled as they are really buying white coral or sea shells that has been dyed pink. Price is typically, but not always, a good indicator of quality pink coral.

Trust me when I tell you, there is a huge difference between great quality old coral and new low grade coral. Look at the photos of the necklaces above, which are for sale online and advertised as pink coral . These necklaces are not pink coral at all ! They are 100% dyed sea shells ! One necklace is advertised as pink coral, for $142, and the beads are not coral or seashell at all. They are dyed stone beads!

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation necklace box.

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