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Clear Chunky Lucite Necklace 1980s Jewelry (14911)

BIG Clear Lucite Shocking Chunky Necklace 1980s Vintage Jewelry

Clear Chunky Lucite Necklace 1980s Jewelry

If you are a vintage jewelry hound, I want to know something about necklaces from the 1980s.

There was a time in the early to mid 1980s when run-way fashions tried to kill women. It was almost as if there was a secret competition somewhere in the fashion world to create the biggest necklace ever. Some women suffered. We walked around with crimped necks, hunched backs, and drooping heads to wear these monstrosities.

Of course I joke, because while most of these necklaces looked like they weighed 100 pounds, most were rather light weight to wear; just bulky. Well fashion history is now repeating itself once again and massive big necklaces from the 1980s are back in style.

This necklace is a crystal bobble creation with huge faceted clear Lucite beads that looks like someone disassembled a crystal chandelier. Other spacer beads include faux brass and faux gold medallions and one large antiqued faux brass ribbed bead. Two egg shaped and two baroque white marbled Lucite beads flank the length of the sides. Also notice the tear drop chandelier style clear Lucite beads and the diamond shaped beads towards the top.

The necklace is 39" or 99 cm long and is finished with an antiqued brass lobster clasp. The largest clear Lucite beads are about 1 1/4" or 30 mm wide. They are about the size of walnuts in their shells!

This is a necklace I've kept safely stashed away for about 25 years now and it has never been worn. The entire necklace is in pristine like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. All of the beads are microscopically clean and bright with no facet wear or scuffs.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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