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Coconut Beads Sea Shell Necklace Vintage Jewelry (13325)


Coconut Beads Sea Shell Necklace Vintage Jewelry

From the 1970s, this earthy Bohemian necklace is a very unique well made vintage design. Designs like this took many man hours to create and were not mass produced. Although the necklace is not signed, Im rather certain it was made in the Philippines.

The carved disk beads are graduated sizes of polished coconut shell. The three large strands at the center have countless beads that are about the size of a US nickel, or 5/8" wide. The smaller beads up the strand are about the size of a US dime, or 3/8" wide.  The necklace is also adorned with carved slivers of white Puka shell and polished gold metal flower beads. 

The necklace is 25" long and has a silver metal barrel screw clasp. The necklace is a chunky style and has moderate weight when worn. I would not call it heavy but coconut beads do have the weight of solid wood. The entire necklace is in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or signed of wear. All of the coconut and Puka beads are perfectly polished. The beads are strung on heavy gauge monofilament for great strength. 

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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