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Colorful Wood Leaves Vintage Necklace Made in Costa Rica (13385)


Colorful Wood Leaves Vintage Necklace Made in Costa Rica

This striking tropical hard wood necklace is a very unique design that was made in Costa Rica in the 1980s. This dramatic hand made necklace is a vary rare design and I doubt you will ever see another one like it! It is a design that is not longer being made, probably because the complicated design is too time consuming. If you are not familiar with Costa Rican tropical hard wood jewelry, get to know it ! It is the most beautiful and unique wood jewelry made anywhere in the world, and it is not easy to get.

The necklace is two draped tiers and the large leaves are hand carved. Look at the backs of the leaves and you can see the knife marks. The round coin like fruit wood beads are stained with natural pigments in a wide range of soft colors that have the look of marble. The colors are earth green, blue, honey, brown, dark brown, purple, and pink. 

There are 8 leaves on the necklace each 2" long x 1 1/4" wide. The round beads range in size from 3/8" to 5/8" wide.  When Clasped, the shortest strand is 24" long and the longest is 28" long. The entire necklace is in pristine like new condition and has never been worn. The wood is clean and vibrant with no damage or imperfections. Marks that look like scratches are just the natural grain of the wood.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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