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Great Vintage Jewelry

Daisy Pin CORO 1940s Vintage Jewelry (13112)


Daisy Pin CORO 1940s Vintage Jewelry

This is probably one of the oldest daisy flower pins you will ever see!

From the early 1940's, this thick pot metal long stemmed flower is probably a very old Coro design. I have not looked through all of the old Coro patents, but the unique shape of the flower petals are identical to styles Coro made in 1942. You can see one very similar Coro patent # 131561 from 1942, by clicking on more images.

The boxy flower petals are layered enamels in yellow, red, and light pink. The leaves are forest green enamel and the stem is dark brown enamel.  The stamens are rhinestone chatons; 5 are clear and the sixth is orange Citrine. All of the rhinestones are original, present, and sparkling.

The enamels have numerous small wear spots - and I like it that way, as it reveals the true age of this old Daisy! The silver pot metal revealed behind the missing enamel adds a sparkling touch. Look at the back of the pin and you can see the unique riveted construction and the original fine working safety clasp.

The brooch is 3 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide and the pot metal has wear on the back but the pot metal is strong and there are no fissures or weak points. Of course, this daisy is not signed.  The enamels on this brooch could be restored, but I dont recommend it. It is more charming just the way it is !

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box. 

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