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Great Vintage Jewelry

Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Pendant Copper Necklace KIM Vintage Jewelry (14951)


Vintage Copper Necklace 1970s Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Pendant by KIM

This antique styled vintage Egyptian Revival copper medallion necklace is designer signed by KIM.

The trapezoid medallion is hand hammered solid copper with hieroglyphics and a Pharaohs profile. This pendant and solid copper chain was made in the 1960-1970 period and the small recessed areas have a burnished finish to create the look of an ancient relic.

The 20 " or 51 cm long large link copper chain is original to the necklace and the fold over box clasp is signed KIM. The pendant and chain are in excellent clean condition with no imperfections such as scuffs, chips, scratches, or dings. The pendant is 2 1/4" tall x 1 3/4" wide or 57 mm x 44 mm.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

Kim Copper was Founded by brothers Marty and Carl Schimel in NYC in 1952. In 1958, a second jewelry line was introduced called Kim Craftsmen. Self-taught, their hand made copper jewelry creations were strongly influenced by surrealism, bio-morphism, and primitivism, as well as artist paul Lobel. Colored enamel jewelry was not introduced until the 1970s. Signed pierces from 1950-1952 were marked C&M. Kim Copper mark was used 1952-1958. Kim Craftsmen was made 1955-1997, when production ceased. Over the course of 50 years, Kim produced in excess of 100 million pieces of jewelry.

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