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Elegant Milk Glass Flower Earrings 1950s West German Jewelry (14398)


Elegant Milk Glass Flower Earrings 1950s West German Jewelry

Some of the world's finest milk glass earrings were made in West Germany in the early 1950s.

Many milk glass beads were made in the Bohemian region and there are certain unusual bead shapes that are hard to find today. These floral cluster milk glass earrings are made of twisted petal shape beads, wired together in a tight double layer cluster with a clear Austrian rhinestones prong set at the center.

The earrings are clips and they are medium in size at 1 1/8" or 2.9 cm. Notice the unique heart shape cut outs on the back of the earrings on the clips. Both earrings are signed West Germany.

The milk glass is bright white, glossy, and microscopically clean with not even a speck of dust anywhere. The beads are tightly wired in place and the clear rhinestones are sparkling clear. The brass backs and the clips have a mellowed patina from age but the clips are clean and in perfect working order with tight snap.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

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