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Fenton French Opalescent Hobnail Glass 1940s Vintage Perfume Bottle (15407)


Fenton French Opalescent Hobnail Glass 1940s Vintage Perfume Bottle

Made by Fenton in the 1940s, this cologne or perfume bottle is an admirable old bulbous design in glowing Opalescent Hobnail Glass. This is one of the most elaborate old cologne bottles ever made with brilliant translucent glass that glows under any light.

This bottle has never been used and has been stored away for many decades. The bottle and the stopper are in 100% perfect condition.

A few decades ago, these bottles were very uncommon to find but today I see more for sale than ever before....probably because so many are damaged. You have to be careful buying this bottle because unlike Anchor Hockings' Hobnail glass, the Hobnails on Fenton glass are more pointed. It is important to only invest in this bottle if all of the hobnails are perfect with no chips as this bottle is one that was easily chipped by careless users.

It is also important to make sure you have the original stopper in perfect condition. It doesn't matter if the original cork is present because in most cases, the cork has fallen apart and gets stuck and is the reason so many stoppers got broken.

This Fenton cologne bottle is in perfect unused condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The stopper is perfect as well with no chips or cracks and there is no cork. The stopper also sits straight up and is not crooked like some I've seen. This bottle is perfect for body splash or rose water, or you can use it for liquid aromatic oils (the kind with the aromatic bamboo sticks inserted).

Medium large in size, the bottle is 5 3/4" tall x 4 " wide or 146 mm x 102 mm. The entire bottle is exceptionally clean and pristine. The bottom is signed with the F for Fenton however the imprint is a little distorted and faint.

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