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Great Vintage Jewelry

Figural Hat Pin 1940s Vintage RARE Gold Brooch w Cut Steel Feather (16410)

Vintage Figural Hat Pin

Figural Hat Pin 1940s Vintage RARE Gold Brooch w Cut Steel Feather

This old hat pin is a rare find and it is a great pin for ladies who collect old hat pins. Really old hat pins of any type are very hard to find!

After WWII, there was a type of post-war jewelry that was called cut steel jewelry that was only made in the 1945-1950 period. I have several brooches made in this manner; photos of which you can see below this listing.

These brooches typically incorporated a figural design in polished gold plated brass with an accent in cut steel. The cut steel was also made to imitate the look of Marcasite.

Most of the brooches made in this manner were worn to death. The majority of pieces I have found in the past 30+ years look like they were in a war and most of the time the condition is so poor, the brooches are not worth collecting. Only on very rare occasions have I found this type of jewelry in fair to good condition.

This wide brim hat is made of polished gold over brass and the large ornate feather plume is cut steel / simulated Marcasite. Medium in size, the hat is 2 1/8" or 55 mm long.

The hat is in excellent clean condition with no major imperfections like dents or major scratches. The steel is in perfect shape. The gold has tiny scant scratches; but no loss of gold or loss of polished finish except for some light gold wear in spots around the top brim. This type of gold cannot be polished. Do not use metal cleaners or buffing wheels or the gold will be ruined. The back has the original fine working safety clasp and the brooch is not signed.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation brooch box.

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