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Fish Pin RARE 1950s Vintage Enamel RS Marlin or Swordfish Brooch (16638)


Fish Pin RARE 1950s Vintage Enamel RS Marlin or Swordfish Brooch

Made in the 1940-1950 era, this massive swordfish or marlin brooch an extremely rare find.

In the 1940-1950 era, a few designers such as Coro and Trifari made huge enamel/rhinestone figural brooches of thick and heavy cast metal that are famous collector items today; most were floral and bird designs. From this era, it is rare to find anything nautical related made in this old world fashion.

This incredible big fish was assuredly made in the 1940-1950 era as evidenced by the cast metal materials and finish work. It is cast brass with thick polished gold plating. The hand painted feathered enamels are two tone deep red and orange/gold or honey gold. On the body there are 6 bands of inset clear rhinestones trimmed with polished gold bands.

The brooch is not signed however it was made by one of the more prominent US jewelry designers who had a strong market in California and/or Florida. I believe it is an unsigned Coro brooch and was most likely only made for one production run, during one year. To my trained eye the brooch has the look of an Adolph Katz design, or Coro, and he did produce one swordfish design in 1945 that was similar to this brooch.

Very large in size, the swordfish is 4 1/8" long 1 5/8" wide at the widest point, or 105 mm x 40 mm. See the photo of the brooch in my hand for better size reference.

The entire brooch is in pristine clean like new condition. All of the rhinestones are original, present, and sparkling. There is no gold wear or loss of gold and no scratches or dings. The enamels are superb as well with only a few very microscopic hints of wear on the edges or tips of the fins that can only be seen under magnification. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation brooch box.

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