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Gold Octopus Pearl Pin King of the Ocean Vintage Jewelry (16869)


Gold Octopus Pearl Pin King of the Ocean Vintage Jewelry

As a retired professional scuba diver who lived in the FL Keys for 20 years, I have a great fondness for octopus. They are so misunderstood!

I've had relationships with some octopus, whom I saw daily, that lasted about a decade. Because I have such a great love for octopus I probably shouldn't be selling the brooches I've collected but I have one large 14kt gold octopus pendant I wear everyday to compensate! I'll talk about the brooch in a minute. First let me tell you what it means to wear this brooch.

Octopus are not mean. They are somewhat aggressive when teased or provoked but for the most part, they are just very inquisitive and constantly learning and doing daily chores. They are "neat freaks" and go around cleaning up all the trash on the reef and stack it into neat piles near their caves; like treasure they found. Any left over scallop or clam shells are also neatly stacked outside their cave and often rearranged daily like an interior decorator with OCD.

They are constantly amusing to watch because they have a wide range of emotions and sometimes have hysterical fits. They will smash the piles of trash and shells, scatter them around in the sand, then work for the next several hours restacking them in a more desirable fashion...that makes no sense. They will spend an hour trying to smash a beer can. They are masters of deception and can change their colors to blend in with the background just like a chameleon.

Octopus are very smart and live each day like there is no tomorrow. The sad fact about octopus, and somehow they know it : Once they breed, they die. Both the male and the female, but not at the same time. The male will die first after giving away his sperm. The female will live long enough hatch out the eggs, and then she dies too.

I like to keep this fact of nature, always in the back of my mind. What if our Creator had given humans this quality? You get to mate once, have alot of offspring all at once, then the parents must die! How crazy would that be ?!

So, if you are like me and Madeline Albright, you wear brooches for A REASON.

This satin gold metal octopus brooch is truly king or queen of the ocean with his or her gold crown. The octopus has gathered a ruby crystal and three large pearls. He or she also has gleaming red crystal eyes and arms and legs studded with gold metal ball beads.

This is a happy octopus; enjoying his or her life....long before the thought of having kids. The crown and the jewels represents the fruits of life; enjoyed everyday of their very short life. This is not just an octopus : the brooch MEANS something.

This brooch was made in the 1970-1980 era and it is not signed. It may have possibly been made by Jonet Jewelry or JJ. Medium large in size, the brooch is 2" or 50 mm wide.

The entire brooch is in pristine clean well cared for condition with no imperfections or flaws. All of the pearls are flawless, as well as the ruby crystals. There is no gold wear or loss of gold. The back of the brooch has the original fine working safety clasp.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation brooch box.

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