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Haviland Limoge Plate Gorgeous Autumn Daisies LG (16671)


Haviland Limoge Plate Gorgeous Autumn Daisies LG

I have always dearly loved this Limoge plate.

This signed Haviland Limoge hand painted decorator plate is a very uncommon design. The autumn theme of daisies or rudbeckia covers the entire plate in relaxing colors of autumn sienna orange, canary yellow, chocolate brown, and leaf green. The plate also has a wide rim of 24kt gold. It is a large plate at 8 3/4" or 22.2 cm wide.

This plate has been in one of my glass curio cabinets untouched for over 30 years. I have been an avid Limoge collector for many years and the reason I purchased this plate decades ago was because I'd never seen another one like it. Year after year I've run searches online and to this day I cant find another like it. I have been on every Haviland Limoge website and have never seen another plate like this one. I don't have every Haviland Limoge book, but in the several I do have, I cannot find this plate.

The overall condition of the plate is exceptionally clean and very fine for age, but not perfect. There is no wear or scratches on the plate where the flowers are painted. This area is rather perfect with no paint wear or other imperfections; only very microscopic hint of wear. The rim has light gold wear and there are some light scratches in the gold. There is also one small spot on the rim of a small repair in clear epoxy that is hard to see. There are no rim chips or cracks. You can see the Havilland marks on the back of the plate in the photos. The back of the plate is perfect and like new except for some light wear on the foot rim where it rested on a plate easel all it's life.

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