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Heart Necklace Porcelain Pastels SUPERB 1970s Jewelry (17062)


Heart Necklace Porcelain Pastels 1970s Jewelry

Made in the 1970s, this porcelain heart necklace is a very unique, very pretty vintage design.

The large heart is a 1/2" thick porcelain mold with watercolor like baked on metallic luster glazes in rose pink, honey, and silver grey. There are 2 matching large porcelain beads on the necklace and the clear beads with bubbles are Lucite with interior pink canes. The other beads are pearl frosted Lucite. All of the bead are spaced with silver plated ball beads and silver plated disk beads.

The heart pendant is rather large at 2" or 50 mm wide. When clasped, the necklace is 17 1/2" or 44 cm long. The largest Lucite beads are 17 mm. If you would like the necklace to be a little bit longer you may add a silver metal extension chain below.

The entire necklace is in pristine clean condition and there are no scratches, scuffs, or loss of luster to the heart or any of the beads. The silver plated beads have a dark patina from age.The necklace is not signed.

The pendant does have a couple of small imperfections. On both sides there is a hairline crack that is faint and barely visible and has been there since the 1970s. It does not compromise the integrity of the heart but it is a slight imperfection. You can see them in my photos, right where the beads meet the heart.

Adding a 4" silver metal necklace extender below will allow the necklace to be hooked up to 21 1/2" long.

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