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Great Vintage Jewelry

HOBE Signed Pearl Earrings Sapphire Chandeliers 1950s Jewelry (11597)



HOBE Signed Pearl Earrings Sapphire Chandeliers 1950s Jewelry

Sensational and Sassy, these pearl cluster dangle earrings are a spectacular vintage design and are signed Hobe. They date form the 1955-1965 era. Of all the earrings Hobe ever made, their cluster style earrings were the most popular and are eagerly collected and worn.

These earrings are clips and the construction is very solid. Each dangle has satin white pearls with Sapphire blue glass bugle beads at the bottom and Mother of Pearl glass bugle beads at the top. The head pins are stainless steel and they are riveted to the button style backs with ball beads and can never come out. These earrings were made this way to insure that all of the dangles were secure and could never be lost!

The earrings are in sensational condition with no signs of wear. All of the beads and pearls are excellent and the earrings are pristine and clean. The clips have the original padded ear rollers for your comfort. The clips are strong with tight snap and there is no wear to the silver rhodium metal. The earrings are a medium cluster design and measure about 2" long x 1 3/8" wide. Both earrings are signed Hobe.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

If you would like a pair of soft silicon ear cushions for your wearing comfort,  please check the box below.

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