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Lavender Pink Celluloid Flower Necklace 1960s Jewelry (8902)


Lavender Pink Celluloid Flower Necklace 1960s Jewelry

This vintage 1960s necklace has a unique composition of hard thermoset plastic bell flowers, tube beads, and gold metal links. This old plastic is a type that is closely related to celluloid. The fancy Lily of the Valley flowers are shades of lavender and the palest of pink.

 There are two flowers at the ends of each purple plastic oval tube bead, and overall there are 86 Lily of the Valley flowers! You will notice the elongated purple beads were very expertly made. Each bead has molded fine lines that swirl around the tube creating a glistening finish.

The necklace is in clean mint condition and is a 48"long.

It is rather uncommon to find old thermoset beads that have delicate molded patterns like this. It is not signed, but was most likely made in Hong Kong or Japan.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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