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Lunar Star Metallic Grey Pearl Celestial Necklace 1970s Jewelry (15975)


Lunar Star Metallic Grey Pearl Celestial Necklace 1970s Jewelry

As an antique and vintage jewelry collector of over 30 years, one of my favorite jewelry items to collect and wear are vintage porcelain or ceramic bead necklaces, and celestial designs from the 1970s are not eay to come by.

Modern necklace designs with porcelain or ceramic beads were only made in the 1960-1970 era and now they have literally vanished and aren't made anymore. The reason is obvious, like so many other things in manufacturing : they were too time consuming and costly to produce.

Because the designs are all very different and unique, and because of the scarcity, I have sought to collect them over the years. You can see more examples of porcelain and ceramic bead jewelry by searching those words here on my site.

This classy and elegant necklace has large dark grey mirror glass beads to imitate the look of Tahitian grey pearls. The necklace is also embellished with a pair of mirror gold beads and 4 gold ribbed black beads as well.

The ceramic pendant is a 1970s American Indian Lunar/Star motif in marbled blue/grey and navy blue luster glaze. The bottom curve is embellished with hand painted metallic gold bead bumps.

The necklace is 23" or 58 cm long and is finished with a large easy to use spring clasp. The ceramic pendant is 2 3/4" or 68 mm wide. The grey mirror glass beads are graduated sizes but most are about 1/2" or 10 mm and 13 mm. The necklace is not signed.

The entire necklace is in pristine sparkling clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. There is no bead wear and no scratches or chips on the pendant.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation necklace box.

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