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MARVELLA Signed Emerald Crystal Earrings 1950s Jewelry (14386)


MARVELLA Signed Emerald Crystal Earrings 1950s Jewelry

Marvella, dear Marvella! Once in a great while in the 1950s, you made such gorgeous rare earrings of spectacular quality; they truly look like royal jewels!

These emerald jeweled beauties are made of the finest quality old Austrian lead crystals the world has ever seen. These clip earrings are Victorian antique reproductions with high domes in an open work silver rhodium design.

You will fool onlookers as the central large clear crystal is top and bottom faceted and strongly resembles a real diamond as it was hand cut with a myriad of tiny diamond facets. The clear sparkling crystal emeralds, in emerald cuts, have exceptional brilliance as well.

The reason these earrings have such spectacular sparkle is two fold. These old Austrian crystals are superb quality as they have a high lead content, and you can feel it in the weight when you hold the earrings in your hand, yet the earrings are not heavy to wear. The crystals were also hand faceted polished, which has 100 times the sparkle as plain machine facets.

These one of a kind  Marvella Royal Emerald earrings are medium in size at 1" or 2.5cm wide, but because of the high domes and light refraction, they appear larger than the dimensions imply.

You will be pleased to know that these earrings are in pristine like new microscopically clean condition and have never been worn. There is not even a hint of wear to the silver rhodium and the clips are perfect and like new as well. All of the crystals are perfect even under high magnification with no scratches, chips, scuffs, or cracks. Both earrings are signed Marvella without copyright, or pre-1955.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

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