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Great Vintage Jewelry

Pearl Tassel Necklace Gold Bead Helix 1960s Jewelry (13754)


Pearl Tassel Necklace Gold Bead Helix 1960s Jewelry

This pearl tassel necklace is a hand made design from the 1960s. Back then, this necklace was sold as a kit in craft stores and ladies made their own necklaces!

The necklace is called a knitted design because the twisted multi-strands create a helix effect and are spaced with polished gold tube beads. The necklace is one continuous loop 34" long. The pearl at the tassel has a fancy bell cap. The pearls are plastic pearl but they have exceptional luster.

This necklace is in excellent unworn condition and is perfectly clean and like new. It is uncommon to find vintage hand made necklaces like this in perfect condition and the design is truly very pretty to wear!

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

Note : The tassel on the necklace has three dangling pearl strands. It looks like there should be four. There may have been four at one time, or the necklace might have just been made with three. Not possible to tell.

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