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Great Vintage Jewelry

RARE GIOVANNI Signed Ivory Flower 14kt GP Brooch (15063)


RARE GIOVANNI Signed Ivory Flower 14kt GP Brooch

This is a vintage thistle flower pin; a very unusual flower pin to find when it comes to vintage jewelry. It is a very fine quality thistle flower pin, made of ivory and 14kt Gold plated metal, and the pin is designer signed Giovanni.

Now, let me say something about Giovanni jewelry. It is a great vintage designer to collect if you know the difference between the quality jewelry they made from about 1959 to 1964, like this pin, and the not so great jewelry they made after 1964.

In the beginning, Giovanni Jewelry made fine quality jewelry that was sold exclusively in custom jewelry stores. Most of their pin and earrings were gold filled or heavily gold plated and set with gems or ivory. Later, when the Giovanni name became widely known, they started selling cheaply made jewelry that was thin metal, commonly enameled if that, for mass market department stores like Woolworths and Sears.

They made a gazillion enameled rose bud pins, very plain mostly ugly leaf pins, and a few hearts that are not worth buying from a collectors standpoint today. However, their earlier heavy gold, gem set, and carved ivory jewelry was terrific quality.  I've seen a ton of carved ivory rose bud pins by Giovanni but I hung on to this brooch for many decades because it is their rare to find thistle flower design.

The flower is genuine carved ivory; the ivory is very thick and massive. The gold leaves and stems are both polished and satin etched 14kt gold plated metal. The pin is large in size for a Giovanni design, but overall it is medium large at 2 1/2" tall x 1 1/4" wide or 64 mm x 32 mm. The ivory thistle flower is 1" or 25 mm wide, or about the size of a US quarter.

The entire pin is in superb microscopically clean pristine condition. The ivory flower is perfect with no chips, cracks, or missing tips. The gold is perfect as well with no scratches, loss of gold, or wear. The back of the pin has the Giovanni cartouche and the original fine working safety clasp.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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