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Red Glass Earrings Holiday Dangles 1940s Christmas Jewelry (14558)


Red Glass Earrings Holiday Dangles 1940s Christmas Jewelry

It wasn't until the 1950s that US jewelry manufacturers starting producing Christmas theme jewelry that you are familiar with today. Previously, Christmas jewelry was a style of basically bells and bows, in earrings and pins, made mainly of either glass, crystal, or rhinestones. Theme jewelry such as Christmas tree pins, deer pins, Santa pins, and wreath pins, etc, didn't come until the mid to late 1950s. (There were a few exceptions, but Christmas theme jewelry was rarely if ever made before this time.)

These festive holiday bell earrings are a perfect example of 1940s Christmas jewelry. The glass beads are bright Christmas red;  very fine quality old glossy and opaque glass. The earrings are gold metal screw backs and the ear posts have gold bow finials.

The design has great movement and swing. Unsigned, the earrings are 2 1/8" or 5.6 cm long. The bell shaped beads are 12 mm long and the tear drop beads are 11 mm long. Both earrings are in spectacular condition. The pair is microscopically clean and all of the beads are glossy and perfect with no chips, scratches, or scuffs. There is no gold metal wear on the screw backs or the bows.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

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