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Great Vintage Jewelry

Red n Gold CORO Earrings Confetti Lucite Buttons 1950s Jewelry (8277)



Red n Gold CORO Earrings Confetti Lucite Buttons 1950s Jewelry

As a vintage jewelry collector of about 40 years, one of my favorite types of vintage earrings to collect are 1950s confetti Lucite button clips. I think my fascination with these earrings lies in the fact that 50-60 years ago, they were considered super wild and far out due to the way in which the colorful metallic clips seem to float in layers, much like the fascination one gets shaking snow in a snow globe. About 95% of all confetti Lucite earrings are not signed however most of them were made by Coro.

These signed Coro Lucite clip earrings date from the late 40's or early 50's . The large domed Lucite cabs are filled with crystal beads and chips in ruby red, pink, gold, and a touch of orange. The colors are truly magnificent and unlike any other confetti lucite earrings I have ever seen.

The cabs are framed in a gold metal ribbon style settings. These are a little larger than your normal button style earrings at 1 1/4" wide. They are signed Coro in script without the copyright, hence they are pre-1955. They are in excellent condition with very low wear. Some light metal wear on the backs. The Lucite has terrific luster !

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation earring box.  

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