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Spun Glass Pelican Bird Figurine Vintage 1960s (15673)


Spun Glass Pelican Bird Figurine Vintage 1960s

This spun glass pelican bird miniature figurine is very old. It was made in the 1960-1970 era but is not signed.

Spun glass animal figurines used to be sold in crystal shops and engraving shops in shopping malls; back when mom and pop stores and smaller chain stores like this were in malls. Today, I think they have all disappeared.

This pelican is clear glass with bright purple staining. The base is a one footed stand design. The bird is 1 1/2" or 38 mm tall. This hasn't been out of my curio in over 30 years. The figurine is in pristine clean perfect condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no broken tips, cracks, or chips.

Note: I typically don't take the time to list inexpensive items on my website but old spun glass animals are very hard to find in perfect condition. I've had the pleasure of seeing them in my curio for a long time, and its now time for me to pass them along!

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