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Great Vintage Jewelry

SUPERB Pearl Earrings Pastel Clusters 1960s Jewelry (11829)


SUPERB Pearl Earrings Pastel Clusters 1960s Jewelry

These refreshing pastel beaded earrings are tutti frutti flavors from the early 1960s ! The colors are reminiscent of swirled fruit sherbet, hence the name Tutti Frutti! 

It doesn't matter what light color you wear, these earrings will be the highlight of your outfit. Notice the unique fanning design here. The fan - or clear tear drop beads - will be spread out along the outside curve of your ear when worn.

All of the beads are plastic so the earrings are light weight to wear. All of the beads have a light iridescent finish that creates a little extra shimmer and shine, along with the sparkling clear glass heishi beads. The clear plastic tear drop beads also have a light iridescent finish.

The beads were hand strung on clear monofilament to button hole style backs. The earrings are clips and they are slightly large than a US silver dollar, or 1 1/2" wide.

These earrings have obviously never been worn and all of the beads are pristine and clean. The silver metal clips are perfect and like new.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation earring box.

If you would like a pair of soft silicon ear cushions for your wearing comfort,  please check the box below.

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