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SUPERB RARE Sea Urchin Necklace 1960s Vintage Jewelry (13751)


Sea Shell Necklace RARE Big Sea Urchin Spines Vintage Jewelry

As a retired marine biologist and professional scuba diver, it has always been a passion of mine to collect natural sea life vintage jewelry, and sea urchin necklaces like this one are very rare to find.

I used to make my own sea urchine spine jewelry but the spines I could get in the 1980s were long and thin. They were thin because in the Indo-Pacific, this particular type of sea urchin, heterocentrotus mammillatus, isn't found to grow very big any more.

The average size of this sea urchin is now about 3-4" tall whereas in decades past, they were known to be found 8-10" tall. Im talking about the sea urchin body size; not the spines. The bigger the body, the thicker the spines.

The spines on this necklace are a whopping 1/2" thick and I can tell you that it came from an urchin that must have been at least 8-10" tall. Urchins this size were common to find in the 1960s, but they are extremely rare today, so much that I would call them extinct.

This necklace is one continuous loop 58" long. The spines have been cut into short and long sections and drilled with bright orange plastic beads between all of the spines. The orange beads look like beads that were probably made in Hong Kong in the 1960s, and I would assume that this necklace was made there, or in the Philippines.

All of the spines and beads are in perfect condition. The spines are perfect specimens with no imperfections and no scratches, cracks, or chips. The necklace can be looped twice around the neck, or worn as one long strand. 

I originally thought of taking this necklace apart and making mens leather choker necklaces, with just 3 Spines on each, and a few other rare vintage trade beads, and at what Ive been selling other similar necklaces I make like this, or about $ 100 each, well theres enought spines here to make I dont know how many necklaces. There is a chance I may still do that if no one can appreciate the value of this rare necklace.

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