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Unv of Michigan Gold Crest Vintage Pin Artes Scientia Veritas (13815)


University of Michigan Gold Crest Vintage Pin Artes Scientia Veritas

Go to any college or university in the US today, or in the past 40 years- and what you can buy is all the same.  Clothing, stickers, and other little trinkets with the school emblem. Many years ago however, back in the 1940s up through the 1960s, colleges and universities commonly sold jewelry items, like this unique crest or shield pin from the University of Michigan.

The very ornate large stamped brass design is loaded with symbols and at the bottom are the word Artes Scientia Veritas, which is the motto of the U of M. Based on the craftsmanship this pin was made sometime between 1950 and 1970.

The pin is a large flat metal design in gold plated brass. Both sides have large oranted leaf designs and at the top is a beaver or a bear on top of a knight's head armor. On the shield is a rising sun and an oil lamp on top of a book.

The brooch is not extremely thick, but it is not thin light weight metal either. It measures 2 1/4" tall x 2 1/8" wide or 5.7 cm x 5.4 cm. The entire piece both front and back is in excellent clean condition with no scratches, dings, or wear. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

You can add a gold brooch slider to convert this pin to a pendant by checking the box below. Sliders come with a pair of silicon stoppers to hold slider in place.

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