Marvella Pearl Necklace Case RARE 1960s Pink Velvet Shell #16849

Item number: 16849

This spectacular Marvella pearl necklace case is a rare to find lavish presentation case.


The case was made in the 1960s and the case is a unique clam shell shape finished top and bottom with hot fuchsia pink crushed velvet. The inside is lined top and bottom with white silk and the inside of the lid has the Marvella logo in pink letters.


This case is a very uncommon one to find, especially in such great condition. It is one that I have kept stashed away for decades knowing I would probably never find another one like it in my life time.


The case is rather large and can accommodate a pearl necklace of any size or length. The case is 6 3/4" long x 6" wide.


The entire case is in excellent clean condition with only microscopic hints of age or wear. The crushed velvet on the outer edge of the bottom has some light wear from just resting in place.