Jewelry Box Vintage 1960s Majolica Shells w Parakeet #14874

Item number: 14874

This vintage ceramic dresser or jewelry box is a Majolica style that was made in Japan in the early to mid 1960s.


Majolica style wares that were made in Japan decades ago have always been a favorite of mine to collect, and they are not easy to find.


The box and the lid is a Tridacna clam shell design in white and soft green glaze with metallic gold accents. Perched on one corner is a large parakeet and the top of the box is finished with a conch shell that serves as a handle. The box, the lid, and the bird are all in pristine condition with no wear, chips, or cracks.


This box is one that I've had safely stashed away for decades and it has never been used. The box measures 5 1/2" x 4" or 14 cm x 10 cm. The parakeet is 4 1/4" or 11 cm tall.


The bottom of the box has the original gold foil Ucagco Made in Japan label. I would like to note that where the bird is attached to the box, at the feet of the bird, there is some old brown glue. This is simply how the bird is attached to the piece and is not a crack line, nor has the bird been reattached or re-glued.