Italian Tile Trivet Hand Painted Terra Cotta Vintage Kitchen Dining #15569

Item number: 15569

A really nice old tile trivet is probably one the longest lasting utilitarian items a woman can have in her kitchen. They are not only functional, but decorative, and nice tile trivets will last more than a life time.

You can use the trivet's on your table or hang them. Really nice antique or vintage tiles are very difficult to find. In the 1970s, terra cotta tiles made in Italy were exported to the US and used in kitchens and baths. When tiles like this were popular, their production was very short lived. Finding a tile like this is rather uncommon today.

This terra cotta tile has an overall dimpled texture and the star burst design was hand painted in dark green and dark brown glaze. The tile has a satin matt finish and a custom made wood frame in golden brown.

With the wood frame, the square trivet is 6 1/2" or 165 mm wide. The back of the tile has the Italian makers marks and is stamped Made in Italy. The entire tile is in pristine perfect bright and clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no chips, cracks, scratches, or scuffs.