Silver Foil Back Glass Dish w Gold Black Splatter 1950s Home Decor #16456

Item number: 16456

In the 1940-1950 era, foil back glass ware was a very popular type of home decor. You may remember things like pictures, bowls, plates or dishes, in a wide variety of designs and colors. Today however, this type of art glass is very difficult to find, especially in excellent condition. This trinket dish or tray is square with curled up edges and corners. Behind the glass is liquid silver foil with splatter art in liquid gold and black.

Medium in size, the dish is 4 3/4" or 113 mm wide. The back is covered with red felt. The glass is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or scratches. The paint is in excellent condition as well with no imperfections or flaws. Some old glue in a small spot on the back edge of the felt. The dish is not signed.