Peacock Bowls Vintage Indian Brass Enamel Set of 3 #19123

Item number: 19123

Made in India in the 1960-1970 era, it is very nice to find these brass enamel bowls still together as a set. All 3 bowls are solid brass with ruffled rims and there is 1 large and 2 smaller bowls.

The larger bowl has the peacock motif and the smaller bowls have feather motifs. The base enamel is ivory white and the feather designs are red, turquoise, and black. The peacocks are black and dark green. The motifs are repeated on both the inside and the outside of the bowls.

This set has been stored away for decades and has never been used. The largest bowl is 4 1/2" or 11.4 cm wide. The 2 smaller bowls are 3" or 7.6 cm wide. The entire set is in pristine clean like new condition. Some very light signs of enamel wear only. The set is not signed