Antique Horse Figurine Cast Metal 19th Century #169100

Item number: 169100

This antique horse figurine is one of the oldest Ive ever seen. It looks and feels like pottery, but it is some type of crude cast metal.

The simple, plain markings on the saddle and the horses mane indicate this horse was most likely made in India.

There is a hole where a tail of some sort might have been. If you look inside the hole you can see there is silver metal in the casting.

There are no marks I can find to indicate the maker. It is very hard to date this piece as well. It could be much older than I predict, but the type of mold work indicates it was made in the 19th century.

The horse is 4 ¾” long x 4 ¼” tall. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, dents, repairs, or imperfections other than perhaps a missing tail.

It is a very interesting horse. You can spend hours and hours in Google searching for something similar with no results.