Retro Black Stoneware Pottery Vase Weed Pot Vintage 1950s #19140

Item number: 19140

I have owned this retro vintage 1950s stoneware vase for many decades and I have never been able to find another one like it. The vase is not signed but it is probably Pigeon Forge Pottery. I recall when I purchased this piece about 30 years ago in TN, it was in a box with several other pieces of pottery that were signed Pigeon Forge.

This weed pot vase was made in the 1950s and the matte black glaze is metallic with a silver shimmering effect. The vertical designs are tool incised, to revel the off white stoneware beneath the glaze. The vase is hand thrown; not mold made.

Medium in size, the vase is tall and slender at about 9" tall x 3" wide at the base or 22 cm x 7.5 cm. The entire vase is in pristine clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs.