Antique Cherokee Ash Splint Porcupine Mini Basket #19000

Item number: 19000

This rare to find Appalachian Cherokee Indian handmade mini-basket is an exceptional treasure that was made in the 1930-1940 era. It is in excellent like new condition and has been stored away from light and air for many decades. The basket was not new when I purchased it in Cherokee, North Carolina and I have owned it since the 1970s. The basket is actually very perfectly preserved!

The ash splints are very small and the weaving is a very intricate. It is tightly woven and adorned with porcupine quill weaving techniques on the lid and the base. The lid is also decorated with a few old colorful glass beads.

The basket is square and measures 4” wide x 2 ½” tall. The entire basket is pristine clean as well. If you are a serious basket addict like me, under very serious close inspection, you might be able to detect a couple of small spots of light fading on the bottom. There are no broken or repaired canes.