Antique Sugar Shaker Muffineer Challinor Opalescent Glass Flowers #19142

Item number: 19142

This Victorian glass sugar shaker or muffineer was made by Challinor & Taylor who was in business in the US from 1885 to 1893. The forget-me-not flower design in relief is on white opalescent glass. Some might call this milk glass but to me, it is more than milk glass because it has an opaque quality.

The squatty design is segmented or sectioned like a pumpkin. The shaker has the original silver metal lid with star and slitted holes.

I used to collect sugar shakers many moons ago because I loved the glass. I n antique shops, the Challinor forget-me-nots are priced at $ 100 or more, and most are not in perfect condition. 

Medium petite in size, the shaker is 2" tall x 2 1/2" wide. The entire shaker is in pristine clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no scratches, cracks, or chips in the glass : not even on the rim. The lid has the original old patina and there are no cracks in the metal.